All birds find shelter in the rain, but eagle avoid the rain by flying above the rain.

Not everyone has the situations and possibilities to control the problems in our life like the eagle is controlling his problem. most of the time problems control our life. 

We live according to our life’s problems, which is not fair I know, but we have to go with it as we don’t have any other option. We have a family to manage, we have financial problems, we have family problems, we have personal problems with professional problems. So it’s not that easy to change this situation. It’s a time taking process, actually a very much time taking process. 

But one day or other we have to change this to make our life peaceful and happy. We are not born to live like this. We have to think about this. We should take some time and think about what we are doing and what we are born to be doing. 

We have to find out what we were born to do? 
What life do I want to live? 
What do I want to do? 
How do I want my life to be? 
By doing what I will be living a happy life? 

We have to find out the answer to these questions for changing the ongoing situations in our personal life. 
So that we could not let the problems control our life but instead we should control our life by handling the problems in our life confidently like the eagle is doing. 

We have to make our life more and more better day by day so that the problems will be very easy to handle and after then to avoid. 
We have to take our life and ourselves there where problems are very small things that we have to avoid them. 

So that we should avoid the problems by flying above the problems, like an eagle is avoiding rain by flying above the rain.

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