Learning keeps us young, person who stops learning is old.

When we are learning, improving and developing new skills everyday, we are getting updated about the things around us and when we are updated about things we can stand our points in discussions and we’ll feel confident as well that we know what’s happening around us, what new things are coming out, what new research is saying about particular things, what is the new update in tech world. So we’ll get to know all these things, it will boost our confidence and ultimately we are getting young. 

Here young means not physically but mentally, and when we feel young mentally we feel young physically as well. 

In our life long learning whatever we learn and we do in our daily life is by mind. We make important decisions with mind, we talk with mind, we react with the help of mind, we do effective and convincing conversations with mind, we think about our career by mind, we do planning for our future by mind, ultimately everything we do is by mind, and for doing all these important things of our life it’s really important to keep our mind young.

When we are learning something we keep our mind focused on that particular thing, and we are using our full energy in concentrating on it. We are using our mind, we are thinking with mind, we are doing movements in our mind, we are doing exercise of our mind. Which keeps our mind young. Exactly like how we use our body, we do movements with body, we do exercise of our body to keep us young, same we need to do it with mind. 

So this is how we need to keep our mind young with daily learning and developing skills. 

A person who stops learning is old, a person who keeps learning stays young.

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