First is mental creation and the second is physical creation.

We’ll start with an example, when we are going to draw a painting first we start designing and creating that painting in our mind which we want on our canvas and then we draw it on canvas. And this is the best way to apply in our life as well. 

Whenever we are starting any new project in our life we should create that thing in our mind, we should think about the results we want and the steps which will lead us to those results. When we’ll start doing it physically in our life it will not be a new thing for us to face because we have imaged and created it in our mind already. When it is not a new thing for us, we will work smoothly according to our steps. And when we are working smoothly it highly increases the chances of getting those results which we have thought before. 

Mental creation applies to everyone’s life, like students, teachers, businessmen, entrepreneurs, working professionals.

Principle of Mental creation also helps us in facing any problems which may occur in future. We can identify our future projects which we will be facing, and apply the principle of mental creation, so that we can face those projects smoothly and get the desired results. 

Benefits of mental creation is we will not feel new about new projects, we will not feel uncomfortable while facing problems in projects, we will work smoothly, and have high chances of getting desired results.

Mental Creation is basically preparing ourselves mentally for upcoming situations which we will face. So that we will not feel uncomfortable.

So we should follow this principle of first Mental Creation and second physical creation in our life. Which will help us to make ourselves ready for any upcoming situations.

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