Integrity leads us to confidence and confidence leads us to friendship.

Integrity leads to confidence means:

When we are honest and working properly with integrity. 

Integrity is complete honesty towards work and for being so honest we must have strong moral principles. Strong means really strong moral principles which won’t be able to distract us from our path of being honest. Most of the time it happens that we make our moral principles to work accordingly, but because of some external sources or greed we get distracted from it. We should not do this and we should remember and keep working according to our moral principles. We have to make ourselves habitual of working and doing things keeping our moral principles in our mind. And when we’re habitual of it we’ll have strong moral principles which will not get distracted by external forces. 

One more thing we need to have is transparency in our work which gives us more confidence about our work and whatever we are doing.

Honesty, integrity and strong moral principles makes us feel high inner confidence which leads us to personality development.

When we start feeling confident in our life, we feel confident talking to people. And people like to talk and make friends with confident people, and people with good and strong personalities. And we also like to have friendship with good, strong and confident people. So this is the way it works vice versa. 

So we need to work on our strong moral principles, integrity which will lead us to confident and strong personality and confidence will lead us to make friendships. 

Small small things make our life better and better everyday. We just need to start noticing and improving those small things.

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