Today’s struggle develops the strength for tomorrow.

Struggle, after listening to the struggle word most people think that struggle means hard work, going through problems, facing financial problems, doing multiple work, etc. But actually struggling means learning and developing strength.

So whenever we think we are struggling subconsciously we are learning. We’ll understand this with the example.

First, when we are going through a hard time we get mentally strong, strong means we get mentally stable. Now the question is how? So, in the initial period of hard times we feel stressed, confused, anxious, etc. because of the problems we are going through, financial problems and many more things. In short we get mentally unstable, and for making ourself comfortable and stable with mind we start talking with ourself and this help us to finding out the better solution and making right decisions. So hard times make our mind stable.

Second, with this habit of talking with ourself we are improving and developing the strength of self-evaluation and self-consciousness in ourself. And after some time of getting habitual of self-talking we get used to it and feel stable in any hard and stressful situation. And it is very important to be mentally stable in any situation for making the right decisions. And I think we should take any important decision of our life by ourself only because there is only one person in the whole world who understands you very ell is you. So we should take decision by ourself only, but yes we can take advice and suggestion from others. 

Third, when we are stable with mind in any situation including positive situations also because most of the time people get unstable in positive situations also. They feel so happy and get unstable and make different decisions in that happiness. So we have to be stable in any situation to make the right decisions. So in our hard times we are getting mentally stable and this is one of the most important strengths.

Fourth, when we face financial problems, we look for multiple earning options and for that we learn and improve the new skills. And with the same we are improving multitasking skills as well. We are doing our existing work, learning and doing other work as well so while doing this we are developing the skills and doing multitasking as well which is again one of the most important qualities a human being should have. And while doing multiple work we are learning and improving the quality of time management which is again one of the most important qualities we should have. So we are learning, improving, and ultimately developing the strengths we need for our future growth and for becoming successful.

So, the struggle we are in today is developing the strengths we need for tomorrow.

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