What does it take to say “NO”? How to say “NO”?

Sometimes it’s a very complicated thing to say no to someone for something. 

There are 2 cases where we need to say “NO”: 

  1. When someone is asking for something from you which isn’t that important.

So, when someone is asking for something which is really important and he/she needs it you should give him/her. But when someone is asking for something which isn’t that important then we need to deny but the question is how?

We’ll see this with an example.

Once my friend asked me for my driving license, because he and other guys wanted to book a car to go somewhere to chill and I was doing a course then, before also he asked me for other things or help I gave him because it was important like he asked me for vehicle to take her mom to hospital, it was important it needs to be done, so I gave him, many times I also asked him for help or things and this is called friendship and in friendship we asked for each others help, but this time I didn’t feel it’s important and I think it’s not appropriate to give our original document as well. So I didn’t give it to him and suggested that instead of going out you can join me in course and we can learn something together.

In a very polite way I told him that I can’t give you my document as I don’t think it’s that important and appropriate and suggested also to join me in a course which will be helpful for him as well.

In this case when we are denying someone with the proper reason, we can suggest them to do something else which will be better than doing what they wanted to do, and this is the very polite way to deny someone which isn’t that important.

What does it take to say “NO”?

So, we need proper reasons behind denying, better advice and suggestions as an alternative of what they wanted to do.

How to say “NO”?

First with the reason we have to say “I think it’s not that important and I can’t give you this because of this reason”, then we have to add better advice or suggestions, like “instead of this you can do this”.

Now we’ll move to the second case.

  1. When someone is inviting you to an event.

When someone is inviting you to an event and you have other important work to do and you can’t go there.

So what can we do in this case? We’ll understand this with an example.

Scenario: Suppose one of your dear friends is inviting you to an event her name is let’s say Jenni, she explained everything to you and said you are the important part of this event, you have to be here and many more things she said. 

Solution: In this case you can say, Jenni, that sounds like a wonderful event, really worthy to be a part of it. I appreciate so much you are inviting me to be part of it. I feel honored by it. For a number of reasons, I won’t be participating myself, but I want you to know how much I appreciate your invitation. 

Like this in a very polite and pleasant way you can “NO” to someone 

So, what does it take to say “NO”?

A genuine reason and a pleasant way to say the reason.

How to say “NO” ?

First we have to appreciate them and should be honored (honoured) for their invitation and then by mentioning our reason, you have to say because of this I won’t be able to participate or do that particular thing.

So, that’s how we can say “NO” in both the cases, we have covered both the cases with examples, hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post. 

If you have any suggestions or feedback please let us know in the comments.

Thank you for reading this blog post.

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